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    To those using LIGHTROOM 2

    What do you guys export your photos as for printing in print shop and to be given to clients

    Please advise

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    For your average photo store in R4 - probably doesn't matter. JPG - highest quality with Adobe RGB or sRGB color is enough. They don't do a color calibration for you anyway.

    If you have a large size print job with a specialist. I give them TIF/16-bit in Adobe RGB - and let them do a color calibration, test print. They know best how they need to sharpen for their machine

    For client files - if you are really nice - same format as for the large printer. And let them optimize based on usage. Remember web is different from a color print, is different from a newspaper ad, etc.

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    depending on clients.

    most of the time, i deem it safer to give sRGB images to non-commercial clients and labs cuz client's computers might not be able to produce AdobeRGB correctly, thus resulting in a slightly washed out image.

    but for fineart prints and commercial clients, a set of Jpegs and a set of TIFFs both in AdobeRGB is the default.


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