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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm looking for some help! I'll be in SG next week and need to know

    : Any ideas where I can buy 4x5 film
    : Where I could perhaps get s/hand large format equipment
    : Where I can get the 4x5 sheet flm processed quite quickly (so that I don't have to carry exposed film back through customs and all the hassle that goes with it). I'd like to get everything processed on the same day Sat Feb 7th.

    Many many thanks for any help!
    - Paul

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    I found that Fotohub ( previously on Beach Rd could do the processing same day. I could not buy and any 4x5 film in SG though.

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    You can get 4x5 B&W film from Ruby. Cathay may also have stock, need to call to inquire.
    2nd hand LF equipment can go Cam-X and P&G. All shops are located at Peninsular area. Hope it helps.

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    I have some LF lens to let go. Do check you PM.


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    There is 4 x 5 black and white at Ruby and 4x5 trans at Cathay. Need to order though.

    Fotohub processes the 4x5 trans for $3.50 per piece.

    If you want to process negatives, the nearest place is in KL or else Bangkok. The labs there are very professional,

    There's no negatives available in Sinpgapore. You can readily find them in Hong Kong or Tokyo though.

    Best place to get 2nd hand large format camera is still on ebay....


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