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Thread: sRGB VS Adobe RGB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    Yup, let's get back to the main topic. No point splitting hairs about colourspace on a tiny LCD.
    I agree, this has gotten a bit too overboard over a 3 inch screen!

    Let me try to summarise the gist of the discussion for the benefit of a newbie.

    sRGB is good enough for regular folks.

    To take advantage of the wider Gamut of colours from Adobe RGB and to be able to see, edit and print in Adobe RGB.

    You need to set the following items to Adobe RGB :-

    1. Camera (Select Adobe RGB)

    2. Camera LCD (Unchangeable Default of sRGB)

    3. Computer LCD (Profiled and Calibrated to Adobe RGB)

    4. Photo-editing Software (Eg. Photoshop/Lightroom)

    5. Printer (if it supports Adobe RGB E.g. HP7960)

    Warnings :-
    1. Item 2 above cannot be profiled to Adobe RGB and forms the weakest link. For those people who have acute colour senses, what you see is not what you get on your camera LCD. However, you can still proceed to adopt the Adobe RGB all the way for the other items.

    2. Item 3 MUST be able to support Adobe RGB. Otherwise, you can't see or edit your pictures in Adobe RGB.

    3. Item 5 is for those folks who want to print out their pictures in Adobe RGB.

    4. Web browsers currently cannot use the Adobe RGB colourspace and so if you want to post your pictures on the net, you have to output your JPEGs using item 4 above to sRGB. This is a common cause of complaint amongst users saying that their pictures appear to be "washed out" on the Internet.


    [Please feel free to modify the list as you see fit]
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    Default Re: sRGB VS Adobe RGB

    Thanks for the great job, Lord Soth!


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    If you shoot in RAW format, you only decide between Adobe RGB or sRGB when converting the RAW files to JPEG.

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    Default Re: sRGB VS Adobe RGB

    i know nothing about srgb and adobe rgb.....
    only thing is when i upload to flickr using the adobe rgb profile , the colors looks wash out....
    Then i upload using srgb profile , colors look normal....
    so i jus stick with srgb.....

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