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Thread: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

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    Default 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    is it possible to get that kind of dlsr? because i'm new to dslr. any recommendations for dslrs?
    to narrow down i would say that i like Nikon, Canon and Sony. thanks!

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    Yes it's possible. Take a look at CS' own Buy/Sell section.

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?


    With your budget of S$600 there is many choices, for canon you can get the 300D, 350D, 10D or even 20D (of course without lens)

    For Nikon, not really sure, as im only interesting on Canon product

    Go to buy / Sell section, be patient, there are plenty offer there every day.

    Good Luck

    Enjoy the photo shooting and learning forever

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    for canon, $600 should get u a setup like
    Canon 400D, standard package including 18-55 II Kit lens, Battery + 2GB CF and also a cheap tripod.

    not sure about brands thou.

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    yay!!! i'm so happy to hear that it is possible. haha actually if i were to get a body only dlsr at below 600, how much would a lens cost me?

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    if u plannin canon u can get a 18-55IS len to start off at 100+ den if u r abit rich u can get 55-250IS bout 300+ tis 2 lens is quite a gd combo
    both lens price i state is 2nd hand
    hope my opinion helps

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    i just saw a brand new nikon starter kits selling at 700+, not sure whether is D40 or D60......maybe TS want to check it out...

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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    it is possible. eg, from the stuff i am selling

    Canon 300D DSLR $288

    18-55mm with Image Stabilization + hood $138
    BG-E1 Vertical Grip $98
    3rd party DSLR flash $98

    around $620-ish there. Surprising that a DSLR does not need to cost in the realm of thousands if not too fussy about buying 2nd hand.
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    Default Re: 2nd hand DLSR below 600?

    hmm. ur lens is pretty interesting. haha. let me think first. i hope to get a body and then maybe buy the lens from u? but then no promises huh? haha


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