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Thread: DSLR Choice (< $1000). Pls advise.

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    Default Re: DSLR Choice (< $1000). Pls advise.

    Not to spoil your choices but maybe you can also look at Sony A350 with Live view at 14MP.
    Alpha cams can use Minolta lenses as well as other 3rd party lenses too.
    Those expensive G and CZ lenses ppl are talking about are really good lenses which are equivalent to Canon L and Nikon Top Lenses. Those can wait to buy once you have enough $.


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    Default Re: DSLR Choice (< $1000). Pls advise.

    Originally Posted by scorpiocjs :
    D40x and D60 really looked quite similar isn't it? But it's always better to get something newer so that in future if I wanna sell still not tat difficult.

    Originally Posted by twisted illusion :
    ... i now deciding if i shld get e D40 set at 699 or not... damn hard decision as D40 is end 2006 model... both D40 n D60 can only accept AF-S lens... but D60 is with D-lighting... good to have, but not a need to have for beginners... my views...

    D60 is a good choice (if you can afford it) over D40X. While both have the same 10 mega, the differences is D60 takes on some elements of the Nikon DSLR flagship that D40X do not have, mainly:
    (a) EXPEED processing 'concept' (as per D300, D3, D90 and D3X)
    (b) Active D-Lighting (shadow / highlight enhancement as per D300, D3, D90 and D3X)
    (c) 3D Color Matrix Metering II (as per D300, D3, D90 and D3X)
    While D40X do not have these flagship elements, that does not mean the picture taken is poorer than it's brother D60. On the contrary, the D40X shot is as good as that of D60 shot...the only differences is D40X lagging in shutter speed compare to D60 simply because of the lack of these flagship elements.

    twisted illusion, my advise is get the D40X with 10 mega (if you can get hold of it) over D40 (which has only 6 mega). With the D40X, you can learn to "crop" better picture than the D40 which has only 6 mega( too low a mega for doing indepth cropping). Unless of course you only want to do a decent crop, than maybe D40 can do for now.
    Nikon D90/D800, 18-105mm VR, 70-300mm VR, 50mm f/1.4D; Tamron SP AF28-75mm f/2.8

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    Default Re: DSLR Choice (< $1000). Pls advise.

    Actually i got my D80 for 1000 with the kit lens ^^ then after that i slowly build up from there...

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    Default Re: DSLR Choice (< $1000). Pls advise.

    Quote Originally Posted by scorpiocjs View Post
    Hi, I am undecided between choosing Canon 1000D, Canon 450D, Nikon D60, Nikon D80, or similar models along this range. Budget is ard S$1,000 or less. New would be ideal, but don't mind buying 2nd hand for a better model. Comes with lens of coz.

    Any advise?
    Consider looking at a Pentax?
    K200D $700+ new. Cheaper if you get 2nd hand.

    Just go look over what you pay and what features you can get in a Pentax.

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