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    Just curious how many of you will actually bring the len to NSC to service with the following:
    1) zoom ring loose (can just pull the lens out and push in)
    2) minor cracks but not much affect on the glass
    3) spotting few particles in the side of the len (unable to remove from outside)

    particularly, I'm more concern about 1) which my lens is right now, other than NSC, got place can do and is it FOC?

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    FOC? Sure! DIY. Check for Fatigue here in forum.
    Other than that I suggest you accept the fact that photography is a hobby that requires certain expenses to acquire and maintain your equipment. Would you use old cooking oil for your car? It's FOC ...

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    haha alright
    cos I happen to pass by Lords and Raymond told me NSC can tighten for free.. but NSC open only during office hrs..


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