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Thread: Preview bug in Bridge CS3

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    Default Preview bug in Bridge CS3

    Hi all

    I recently encountered this problem of the preview showing not the photo i highlighted.

    Both the highlighted and preview photos are mine and not some random image.

    Anyone encountered such a problem before? Thanks in advance.

    By windforce86

    By windforce86

    By windforce86

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    Default Re: Preview bug in Bridge CS3

    Lightroom has the same issue - sometimes. I bet some of the source code is the same between the 2 programs.

    Not surprised

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    oh really? i only encountered this problem recently... haven been having any problems until now.

    anyone else have such a problem too? thanks

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    Yes, I had the same problem in Bridge CS3. Very frustrating. It didn't happen at first then I think once I had lot of stuff in Bridge.. the issue started to occur.

    A few suggestions:
    1) Move to lightroom 2. Not sure if btrenkel is referring to lightroom 1 or 2 but so far I have not encountered this in LR2.
    2) Download and install the Adobe PS CS4 trial which will install Bridge CS4. If I am not wrong, Bridge CS4 will remain usable even after the PS CS4 trial expires. Someone correct me if I am wrong on this.
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