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    There was a time ... when there was NO internet, and only rich and advanced companies had dinosaur computers.

    What I used to do was take out the big, heavy yellow pages directory, and mark down all the shops that friends recommend, and also shops that were easily accessible to me.

    THEN, I would start PHONING the shops, ONE BY ONE and ask about the price of items I was interested in.

    I would have all these, with the names of shops, items and prices, warranty and offers as well as notes of gut feel about the shop WRITTEN down in an exercise book. With that, I had a VISUAL reference of which shop offerd what, and could easily compare. It was like a 'prices and offers map', so to speak.

    Even from that simple exercise, I could sense something fishy with some shops, and that some shops were trustable, or at least made me feel like thay were more sincere.

    No internet, no problem. Always got phone.

    No phone, no problem, always got MRT and bus and can walk from shop to shop.

    Yes, over-pricing is a bad practise.
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