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Thread: compact camera.which one?

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    Default compact camera.which one?


    I've noticed tt there's a lot of thread gg on about dslr but i want to ask what compact camera is recommended. am looking more for video function/shutter speed but there's like so many compact cameras around. pls help. and hope those lao jiao dun get pissed off with this thread.

    THANKS! )

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    maybe you would like to share what subject do u normally shoot...

    eg. babies, flowers, etc

    this will help to narrow down which compact camera is suitable for u...

    Qn. How compact do u want the camera to be? Eg. can be put into the pocket?

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    Default Re: compact camera.which one?

    camera and video? My opinion if going for compact, would be Sony. They have been catering to this market for quite some time.
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    Default Re: compact camera.which one?

    Why not get a cheap video cam since your main concern is the video function, otherwise the Sony compacts are awesome.
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