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Thread: Pls Update Prices of SLIDE film

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    Default Pls Update Prices of SLIDE film

    Hi guys,

    Just like to know what are the current prices of the following films back in Singapore ( 35mm - 36exp )

    1) Fuji Velvia 50
    2) Fuji Astia 100F
    3) Kodak ES100W (something like that ...cant remember exactly)
    4) Fuji Press 800
    5) Fuji Provia400F

    Wont be back till November, the prices down under is killer.

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    velvia50 @ S$9.45 @ CP ..

    but according to some CSers ... they said tat velvia50 is taking over by velvia100f at CP ...

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    You might want to add Velvia 100 to your list...

    Velvia 100F=$11@CP


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