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Thread: need help :l what lens to get

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    Default need help :l what lens to get

    hi , i need help in choosing what lens to get
    currently i have the kit lens
    i like to take landscapes/abstract/surreal/portraits/concerts pictures
    some of my photos on my deviantart -
    im using a canon 400d

    but sadly i have a budget of around $600
    ( well im a poor fourteen year old :S )

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    Default Re: need help :l what lens to get

    Tamron 17-50 f2.8, $600 at orient photo. IQ better than kit lens and the f2.8 is good for low light shoot. Many good review on this lens.

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    Default Re: need help :l what lens to get

    Maybe expand your range, go for the 55-250 IS. Price-wise I'm not too sure, but it should be somewhere around $350.

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    Default Re: need help :l what lens to get


    I think you should grab the 2nd lens, the reason is simple, as you new, you need take time to match what you want with what your lens, so if you going straightly to 1 lens and new ones, you will be stuck there, selling out new lens will hurt your pocket, but if you get the 2nd lens, if you play smart, your pocket will not hurt, even sometimes you can earn some.

    For you case, i think you should try Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG, its a nice lens, and comparable with "L" lens from canon

    See some review below :

    The cost of this 2nd lens is $350-450 depend condition.

    Hope this usefull to you

    Enjoy the photo shooting and learning forever


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