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Thread: How did you start out in the photography business?

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    Default How did you start out in the photography business?

    I see nowadays a fair number of people starting threads in the Personal Services section advertising their photography services. Must be more go-getter in this climate

    Anyhow which leads me to wonder, how did other pros get into the business? Would be interested to hear your stories!

    For me my first paying gig came from a food stallholder. I was trying to get shots for a class assignment, he saw my camera, next thing he asked me to shoot his menu.

    He paid me IIRC $150, and extra costs for the enlargement prints (no backlit panels here, everything just blu-tacked to the wall ) Everything I shot on a single roll on film, with a 50mm prime lens plus direct straight-on flash blasts

    No skills and no Clubsnap then to ask the pros

    How about you? I'm sure there are many interesting tales!

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    Default Re: How did you start out in the photography business?

    Not a business, but my dad got me a 400D + 17-40L. He was so impressed with my shots and how I shot, that he bought for me a 70-200 2.8IS.

    Now that's good.

    I'm looking to branch out and do some sideline too.
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