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Sorry am not too familiar with notebook monitor calibration (in fact never done this before)
hence asking:

Anybody calibrated their MacBook LCD screen before?

Since I will be out and about and access to my calibrated desktop Trinitron monitor will be limited to home use, I figured it may be useful to calibrate the MacBook.

First silly question:

When you use the calibrated MacBook, do you have to set it at a specific angle?
Does your calibrator software or manual make any recommendations?

The screen image looks slightly different with screen tilts, so I was wondering if there's any recommendation for viewing angles.

Second silly question:

What hardware calibrator do you use?

My current calibrator is CRT only, so...

Just an informal survey to aid my purchasing decision

Use can just use a device to calibrate your Macbook and any other display devices.
PM me for more details.