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Thread: How to post pic in the forum

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    Can anyone tell me how to go about pasting pics taken into the forum page ? When I looked up at the Insert Image icon, they link me to enter the URL of the image with http:xxxxxxx. What I wanted is directly paste the pics so that everyone can see it without having the trouble of opening the URL. I have tried copying the pics from my folder and tried pasting it into the new thread page but was unsuccessful. Hope someone can help here, Thanks ?

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    Read the sticky threads and guidelines. Takes less time than typing your posting here.
    Basics: you don't paste images here, this is not your Windows Explorer. Upload to a platform and link the pictures into your thread. Whoever opens your posting will then load the image via the embedded URL (that's the reason why you need to insert it).

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    you can read this thread how to post your pic
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    Thanks for everything. Will read it later to understand and digest it.


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