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    This is obviously not the usual question about where to photosupplies. If anyone has been to Hanoi recently knows of any decent camera store selling Digital P&S or shops at the airport (Hanoi International) please do share info.

    I'm looking for a modest ixus or lumix to use alongside my fe2. Reason being is that i don't wish to add to my luggage weight a D200 body but i want to have some digital shots of the place.

    If you think that getting it locally in Singapore doesn't make much of a difference in terms of price then kindly do tell me before i go there and see that all they have in vietnam are box cameras and leftover war leicas.

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    Better get it here. Digital cameras are a luxury there, and priced accordingly.

    Good deals on war-time leicas though.

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    i'll be going there soon, may look for mf and Lf gears, do they have it there?

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    better check out or for second hand and film camera. Last time I saw a Yashica TLR @ 80$, or Nikon manual Lens like 70-200 f2.8 @ 150$ . It is quite difficult to find a store that have good stuff in Vietnam, or in Hanoi, since everybody doesn't want to sell their cameras outside the community.

    For TS, I think any camera shop along Trang Thi street, or Hang Bai street ( near Ho Guom in vietnamese or Sword lake in english ) could be OK. Don't know whether they can speak english well or not.


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