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Thread: programme shift LX3 page 43

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    hi guyz!

    read fr the LX3 manual page 43 regarding programme shift

    quote "in progrmme ae mode, you can change the preset aperture value and shutter without changing the exposure. this is called programme shift. you can make the background more blurred by decreading the aperture value or record a moving subjext more dynamically by slowing the shutter speed when taking a picture in programme ae mode.

    1. press the shutter button halfway and then use the joystick to activate programme shift while the aperture value and the shutter speed are displayed on the screen

    2. the programme shift indication appears on the screen when programme shift is activated.

    3. programme shift is cancelled if the camera is turned off or the joystick is moved up and down until the programme shift indication disappears."

    i hv follow the instruction but i cant change the aperture or shutter speed. any bro able to advise?

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    seriously didn't knw that lx3 got such function...will go try it out later
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    I think a better description is to tap the shutter button until the shutter speed and aperture values appear, there would be a yellow box surrounding the values and you can use the joystick to change them by moving it up or down..

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    i tried that but the aperture n shutter speed remain white. value unchangeable. onli exposure value can be change.

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    if you half-press and hold, you've locked the exposure already, what I'm saying is just to half-press and release..

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    hi still cannot leh. if i half press shutter without locking, the A n S value does not appear.. u able to change the value as per the manual instructions?

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    just to check, did you turn on Intelligent ISO?

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    er.. yesh. hehe dont tell mi tat will disable the feature. i go try again

    ok manage to use programme shift now after turning off intelligent iso. many thx J-Chan!
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    another question here - is it possible to set a minimum shutter speed while in aperture mode? my purpose is to set minimum at 1/15 so that it totally prevents handshake, then intel iso @ max 800, plus aperture value fixed at f2 for optimum settings (while handheld).


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