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    Hi All

    I'm a newbie to this site and LX3... I've been reading through this site hoping to understand how to adjust for lens distortion, unfortunately I haven't been able to locate the answer yet... don't know if I overlooked the solution somewhere else...

    Anyway, I realise that when I take pictures with no zoom, maybe a couple of meters away, on level ground, my pictures will distort a little at the ends (I think due to the wide angle lens). Is there any way I can reduce the distortion?

    Thanks a lot in advance !

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    Do you have PS? You can use it to correct this issue.

    Curious are you shooting JPG? If yes, what firmware are you using? If I am not this "issue" was correct in their latest firmware....

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    Perspective distortions in wide angles is inherent in the design. You can't do much about it. To reduce the effects the distortions will have on your subjects, try to to place them too close to the edges of the frame.

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    if you shoot in jpg the Venus engine will fix the lens distortion so it won't look that bad
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    Thanks people, I guess this is a "problem" inherent in wide angle lenses.

    BTW, my firmware is v1.2 and I'm shooting in jpeg format.

    I guess I need to learn to frame my subjects away from the edges :P

    A little off topic, but are there any places where I can learn to use the LX3? I think this is a lovely camera, almost impossible to take bad pictures, but there are loads of functions that I can't learn off the manual...


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