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    Dear ALL!

    I am not a photographer! But a person who wish to see the natural photos.

    I am a vedic scholar (Aged 57) who is doing research in Vedas and Astronomy and that can be utilized for human health.

    Now I am looking for few photos of Moon from No (NEW) Moon to Full Moon and Full Moon day

    to no moon day.(

    as in circle form.

    Will any one please help?

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    pls go to the night photography forum, a lot of post there and you can also ask them bout it. ie this one:
    ╬Pachelbel in D .357cal

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    Did you check online? There's lost of stuff, like this:

    (found here):

    Or this:

    or are you looking for larger images?

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    Dear All thank you very Much!

    Can I reproduce some of the photos I collected from this website for my PhD thesis.

    In this thesis I am trying to find a supportive atmosphere for treating Cancer patients and Paralytic persons.

    In my thesis I will put in a page how the moon works on earth.

    This I am doing on my own that too with out any scholarship and sponsor till this day.

    Would appreciate your permission.

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    Dear Rashke,

    I have no words to thank you.

    I am in India, South

    Do you have any members in South India?

    I wish to give few ideas to him about the Earth and South Pole.

    Actually the Vedas tells that The people were living in South and North Pole till B.C.10,000 and that time there was no Sea, and a day, one Moon from Saturn fall on South Pole that created the Sea.

    I got ample evidences in support of this.

    I want to present this as a thesis and I wish to explain this.

    I don't know how to pen this idea but wish to meet one of your forum members residing or visiting South India.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramachandran View Post
    Dear All thank you very Much!

    Can I reproduce some of the photos I collected from this website for my PhD thesis.
    No you may not. You need to ask each photographer for his or her permission. There is nobody here who can grant you a general permission to reproduce any of the images and in fact, you may not even copy and save them on your own computer without permission. Permissions are not granted just because you state, or promise here a good cause, that is up to each individual to decide. This is not a charity organisation and it is up to each one of us to decide what we do with our images and who may and may not use them.

    In fact, you are not allowed to collect any images from this site or any other Internet site, to be kept on your computer. Regardless how innocent this may look to you, it is against the law to copy images without prior permission.
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    Thread has served it's purpose - google is your best friend . As some have mentioned here, it is not alright to use anyone's images (other than your own) without proper permission.

    Thread closed.


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