by David Tong

Itís been a while and I apologize for not updating the site as often as I should. My computer died after the holidays and Iím still using a loaner right now. Anyway, Iíd like to start the new year with a common question asked by new camera/lens owners - how to clean smudges and grime off lenses.

While many of you know that Iím not the obsessive-compulsive type when it comes to camera equipment, however, the lens surface is the one surface I religiously keep clean after every use. I rarely end the day not cleaning my lenses (at least blow any dust off) if I used the camera.

Iím not one of those guys who wipe their lens filters every 2 minutes, though.

When Iím out shooting, I donít clean my lenses unless theyíre splattered with raindrops or someone accidentally smudged the lens. Youíll scratch your filter or lens much more easily if you keep wiping your lens down every few minutes.
What Iíll be showing will be what I do with my gear. Some of you might not agree with my choice of equipment and technique, but it has served me well the past half a decade or so and most of my cleaning routine stems from my knowledge with professional automotive car care.

Hereís what I use. - Continue Article :twisted: