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Thread: Maximum multiple exposure?

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    Default Maximum multiple exposure?

    Does anyone know what's the maximum number of exposures without advancing the film, so i won't like make the film over-exposed?


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    you'll need to compensate by reducing each individual exposure, ie double exposure dial in -1EV or set at double the ISO speed..

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    oh, i see!
    Thank you very much for your reply! (:

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    In addition to what J-Chan said, I realised that the more multiple exposures you make, the less intelligible your picture becomes, so too many and you get abstract art. Of course, if that's what you're after, then all the better. Just expose it at -1EV for everytime that you want to double expose.

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    if you make multiple exposures twice, cut down the exposure of each frame by one stop. eg exposure of one shot is f11, exposed f8 twice will have the same exposure of f11.

    if you set exposure at 5.6, your exposed the same frame four time will have the same exposure of f11.

    one stop, two shots
    two stops, four shots
    three stops, eight shots
    four stops, sixteen shots
    so on and so forth, just calculate how many shots you want to do and how many stops you need to cut down.

    hope this help.
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