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    I did a research about this Red Filter. What i found out is this filter can improve the contrast of black and white image. Have anybody use this red filter? can share your experience? i plan to buy it..

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    unless you use film, there is no real need to get it.

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    Yes, such filters are very useful for black & white photography. But there are numerous photo editing software that can now replicate the effects of such a filter.

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    basically red filters make blue and green objects become darker shade of gray, and yellow and red objects become lighter shade of gray, good for B&W landscape photography, since it will darken the blue sky and foliage.

    and you don't need this for digital photography
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    If I remember correctly, canon cameras can also apply a "digital" red filter? Am I correct ?. is this the same application ?

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    maybe - but whatever is applied IN-CAMERA is at best rudimentary.

    it's alright if you can live with it, but if you wish to have more control in black and white conversion from digital.. shoot in full color.

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    thanks for the reply... i better try the red filter...


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