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Thread: Vitacon Tele 2x Titanium for G3?

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    Default Vitacon Tele 2x Titanium for G3?

    Does anyone own this tele converter? I went to Alan Photo and they recommended me this for my 52mm G3 Adapter, was selling for 90 and i he gave me 85..

    It fits of course but has an annoying vignetting around the center at wide angle which i know is normal, and i cannot properly screw in after mounting a +4 closeup as the glass front is rounded..

    I personally think i shouldve gotten the kenko tele, at least it has some good reviews, and is selling at the same price too..

    Dont see much difference with the 2x, effectively i should be getting 8x optical right? hmm.. doubts, what do u guys think?

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    it's lousy. what is get is a 1.3x, rather than a 2x teleconverter. the specs are misleading.

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    Wah lao.. damn pissed, no website some more.. I'm going back to Alan Photo to see if i can refund it to buy a more expensive thing, maybe an external flash unit..


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