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    Went to Changi Boardwalk recently for Sunset. In my personal preference i prefer some clouds in the sky for sunset/sunrise, but lately the sky is so clear.. well, dats not a bad thing too..seldom we do see a clear blue sky in Singapore..

    while walking thru the platform i saw a fishing rod resting against the wooden railing. thought it will be a nice subject with the sun setting at the back.

    i try to stray away from hdrs and photomatix coz i have this tendency to over do it.
    mainly dodging the rod to bring it out from the shadows, dya still think it looks natural?

    iso 100

    as always please give me your thoughts regarding composition, pp, and everything else. shoot me!

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    The fishing rod is underexposed. If not for your write up, viewers would be hard pressed to see what that object is. Even with dodging, it still looks too dark. You can actually try HDR and work towards making it look natural. Just keep the mindset of "how would my eye see this scene".

    You might want to look at this for inspiration:

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    The whole picture is too dark, and the huge blob on the left dominates the attention. I couldn't even recognize it, until i read in your write-up that it's a fishing rod.

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    Yes, I couldn't see what that object was, and I couldn't see what rod you were talking about.
    Very dark.

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    Dude... underexposed.. and fishing rod device is over distracting.

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    There are 2 subjects in the picture. One is known, the other almost unknown, which could be best stand on its own, given sufficient light or a better place.
    Its a bit tricky here, cos everyone who knows what a fishing rod looks like would have been anticipating a long bending rod, not that part of the tool.
    Simple rule #1 that I follow and remember is to get that picture to tell the story by itself. Keep shooting~
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebk View Post

    You might want to look at this for inspiration:
    i thought of this link right away too.

    in any case,

    1) fishing rod cannot be seen clearly to be a fishing rod

    2) there are better angles and composition - placing your subject on the edge is generally a no-no

    3) exposure leaves much to be desired, definitely underexposed

    shoot more! this can be easily reshot anyways. why did you not try more angles/exposure?

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    many thanks for all ur responses. will keep on shooting and learning.

    that fotobyimran rocks!

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    sorry is called a fishing reel.

    yeah..Calebk's eg is nice!

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    Yes, fishing rod is a little underexposed but i think what could of helped a little was maybe trying your s/s at 1/40 and tilting the fishing rod towards the the center more so we can see just a tad more of it.

    a slower shutting would of made the sky a little nicer too

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    U could always consider using fill flash too...
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