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Thread: Impt info : 4,5,6 Dec 2009

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    Default Impt info : 4,5,6 Dec 2009

    4,5,6 Dec = Fri, Sat, Sun. first weekend period of Dec. Seems like re-actment of last year Dec 5,6,7,8.

    6th being hottest date ard (actually had 2 ROM couples last year who have their AD on this date but sorry already booked), 4th is according to my couple is hot too.....had to settle for a less luxurious hotel coz literally all the high-end ones are booked and also photographers are booked too.

    Would advise not to give discount even when asked to (unless you mark up super duper high LOL!)....regardless of experience/price range....else nobody else will lugi, except yourself. Other less popular dates, pls feel free.

    Cheers and have a Happy New Year!
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    Default Re: Impt info : 4,5,6 Dec 2009

    Yes, i would second that ! ... A lot of enquires on these dates.

    H~appy OX year !


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