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Thread: Noobie's try

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    Default Noobie's try

    Gradient Sunset

    excess fog..

    Monkey Island

    Got Horsepower?

    The Land Beneath My Wings


    Long Long Day

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    fokker 50 to brunei?

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    cool... only been on a Fokker 100 before... not a 50

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    Huh? Fokker? Plane model ar?? I find the pictures cool man. I like the third one.. But would have been better if not so "foggy".. heh..

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    That's a Fokker for Malaysian domestic flights within east, was out for a work trip, hard to help with the fog, was shooting thru the pretty badly scratched 2 layer plastic window..

    I find the photos not dramatic enuf, any advices for better pictures? or techniques to better re-touch these pics?


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