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Thread: Dry cabinet colours

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    wah set it to ultimate red range yesterday night.. and today is 33RH when I woke up..a massive drop from 73RH..then set it to around 2'o clock and saw it going up to 40-43% (though when I opened my cabinet it already shot up to 40%) mine ok? seems that most of you get your values at 10.30 or 12 o clock position...mine seems to differ

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    Ok I believe my dry cabinet is back to stable range..I set it to the extreme red range and it read 33% then now setting it back to 12-1o clock range for the past 2 days, it reads from 45%-55%..still getting the sweet spot...I did put in my equipment inside and its around there too..I guess my dry cabinet is showing the correct reading and is ok. Should I leave my camera EOS neck strap with the camera body inside as well?

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