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Thread: Assisi Hospice Outing to Chinatown

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    Default Assisi Hospice Outing to Chinatown

    Hi guys, my mom's company(tours) has organised a chinatown tour for occupants of assisi hospice. pro-bono by the way. As the chinese new year festivities are round the corner, its a great opportunity for them(AP) to soak in the atmosphere and join in the celebrations. close to 50staff have been mobilised to help out(this including Assisi Hospice staff) as some of them who are coming out require stand-by medical assistance. most of them are of critical condition. I was tasked with photographing the entire event but i've got lack of experience and equipment so im kinda looking out for 2 experienced photographers to join me if possible. No pay but i guess its a great opportunity to capture the joy of this event. what i require is just maybe a couple of shots for documentation and perhaps media attention(we are hoping not to get any if possible as this is a low key event and we hope it wouldnt be some hyped-up thing everyone starts a debate on). and dont worry if any of your photos are used in any way we'll definately ask for permission first and your name credited.

    ONE PROBLEM: EVENT IS TODAY(SATURDAY). Commences at 9am Chinatown. so if any of you are remotely interested, contact me at 98537603. Ryan here. Ciao!

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    if you post this earlier i'd probably help you. it's a little too late. less than 8hrs to go only. btw what time will they be there until?

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    hey yea i was just given the info just over dinner. thanks anyways. they'll be there till 1 odd.

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    will try to support!
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    Quote Originally Posted by falconite View Post
    will try to support!


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