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    Default Trees in the morning sky

    Post-processed using the tips in

    Didn't do a proper resampling when I did a resize though

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    Or is this better?

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    heh heh ... both are good to me ... each of them has its significant feel ...

    the second pic is more ghostly feel ....

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    desaturate ur 2nd pic. may have a better feel to it?

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    Can show original pic?

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    Thanks sukun, pokka and falcon - appreciate your comments!

    The second picture was done using tips from

    Pokka, you know what? I think you're right, desaturation indeed appears to have a better feel to it:

    Have never really tried using PS to do post-processing other than the usual cropping and sharpening and perhaps a bit of saturation and hue adjustment.

    The original picture is here:
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    Nice effects.

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    very interesting workflow .. i wonder if it work for subjects in the picture. like a watch or insects perhaps? anyway, i think u did a great job. the original picture was quite bland but after some digital alterations, i think u managed to bring out what u feel. keep shooting(and digital manipulating of course).


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