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Thread: Printer Setting for Ilford Paper

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    Default Printer Setting for Ilford Paper

    hi all, was wondering if anyone using Canon printer with Ilford Pearl paper.
    what is the best printer settings to use? i followed the guide provided but the pictures turns out skin color that are quite pale...anyone to share ? thank you.

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    You can try asking Eugene from Ruby Photo. He's the "boss" there and a very friendly guy. I spoke to him a few time before and he's very helpful and knowledgeable about colours and Ilford stuff.

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    Thanx neo...will find a chance to talk to him soon...

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    Kindly check the enclosed instruction/info sheet in the box.

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    hi dagger, i followed the instruction checklist for the setting on my printer as stated but the skin tone is far off the mark. As this is my first time using this paper, and i dun have a paper cutter to cut then to 4R size, therefore,its a huge waste of resources to be printing based on trial and error, which is why i needed a guide from people who has been using the paper longer than me so that i can fine tune it to match my screen. Thank you.

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    There are 2 types of Ilford pearl paper,
    1. Smooth pearl.
    2. Classic pearl.

    I am using Canon S820, I have problem with the smooth pearl paper(color a bit soft), but no problem with classic pearl.

    To solve the problem need to calibrate the color, this option is expensive.

    So, buy the classic pearl, should not be a problem.

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    i'm using the pearl paper but cannot recall off hand which one is it. but its in red box. galerie series. been trying by trial and error to get the color as close to reality as possible...


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