Will it help by coming here to grumble? Will the technician or boss from fotohub read your post in Clubsnag?

You will find how much you can achieve if you go and talk with the people there.

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I got my medium format negative film scanned at Fotohub, and these are the horrifying results. These were cropped from a photo and you are viewing at 100%.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this kind of scan is not up to my expectation at all.
I told them "no adjustments" and this is what i got. What's up with the articifial sharpening and halo effect?

If not for a tight deadline i would not have got my film scanned there. Is there anymore hope left in Singapore - true professionals who can discern between what a good and a bad scan? I am tired of paying premium prices, expecting premium quality, and getting this sort of rubbish back.