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Thread: Headphone amp/dac - advice

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    Default Headphone amp/dac - advice

    Hi guys,

    Some queries on audio stuffs. Hopefully some veterans can assist.

    Recently just received a RP-HC500 Panasonic headphone.
    Does this pair of headphone needs additional amp/dac?
    Btw, whats the long name for dac?


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    There is already a dedicated headphones thread in kopitiam. Why open another?

    Most of your questions have already been answered there.

    By the way, DAC means 'digital-to-analog converter'.

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    Default Re: Headphone amp/dac - advice

    Hi Moderator,

    Please merge the thread if appropriate.

    Thanks photobum for the DAC definition. Unfortunately, the headphone i'm enquiring is
    RP-HC500. Each amp/dac should have various pros and cons to complement various model of headphones.

    Any suggestion?

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    Default Re: Headphone amp/dac - advice

    The best option for you is to go to to either Jaben or Stereo to audition the selection of amp+DAC they have. Bring your own headphone plus your favourite player/laptop along. We can't tell you which one is the best, as we all have different taste.

    BTW, I assume that you are talking about portable amp + DAC. The DAC would only be useful if your source is from your computer or laptop. If you are just using a regular mp3 player, then an amp will suffice. Even then, you may find your headphone is good enough without any additional amp.
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    Good headphone amp can be quite ex


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