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    I'm not sure if discussing this here is prohibitted or anything, but here goes. I have a friend who intends to hire me to have an outdoor shoot with his band. It's around 10 people, together with the 'part-timers'. So I'm wondering, how much should I charge at least, and at most? To be frank, I'm not professional, I use only a D60 so do advice on that.

    Btw, where're some good venues to shoot at? Thanks alot

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    how much should I charge at least? a good meal

    and at most? the sky is the limit

    where're some good venues to shoot at? depends on what type of image the band want to project, from Chinese Garden to Cemetery to back alley to Shenton Way to whatever place the band fancy
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    Price really depend on "friendship" with him...

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    why not do it this way...make it an event where photographers pay money to shoot the band?

    pretty sure there are people who would pay quite a bit to try a band photo shoot.

    end of the day politely ask if can save their photos to hdd and if their photos are chose, give recognition.

    This way i think everybody will benefit.
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