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    Talking WHO's going ?

    WHO's going ?

    World Animal Day 03

    Venue: Bishan Park 2
    (along Ang Mo Kio Ave1 opposite Blk 338 at the Pet & Koi Centre, see
    map below)
    (Participants are advised to seek alternative parking in vicinity to avoid
    Date: Sunday 5th of October 2003
    Time: 10am - 6pm

    Jointly organized by ASD & NANAS (Noah's Ark Natural Animal
    Sanctuary), this year's World Animal Day promises to be different with new and
    exciting contests and games, involving your beloved pets. As an event solely
    organized by animal welfare groups, the prespective of the event will also be
    to educate and inculcate knowledge and values that will strengthen the bond
    between you and your pet.

    On this special day, we also want everyone to realize that not all animals
    are as fortunate as your beloved pet with you as their caretaker and protector.
    Thousands of stray cats and dogs live day to day, escaping death and barely
    surviving on scraps. Come down and share with us as we try to help them lead a
    better life

    So bring your picnic mat along with your beloved pet, and don't forget to
    be a part of this special day ! It doesn't matter if it is a hamster, turtle,
    dog or cat, just bring them down and celebrate their special day together !
    You'll regret it if you don't !

    World Animal Day 03 : A Celebration of Life : Animals & Us

    Programmes Highlights

    10.00am Registration
    For programme registration and collection of goodie bags for the 1st 300

    11.00am Run For Your Lives !
    The Slowest Dog Race
    The Slowest Rabbit Race
    The Slowest Hamster Race
    The Fastest Tortoise Race

    Registration at $1 on that day

    12.00pm Picnic In The Park
    Specially packed discounted lunch by Acacia Restaurant (for human) and
    FurBabies' Haven (for dogs)

    Buy the specially packed lunch and enjoy a wonderful meal with your furry
    loved ones amidst the lush greenery of the park. Don't forget to bring your mat
    as well !

    Parasols will be provided by Lipton Tea

    2.00pm Treasure Hunt
    A fun filled activity for owners and their pets to sniff out the answers
    to a set of questions.

    Participants will be given a set of clues and a map of Bishan Park. They
    need to find these clues in Bishan Park

    Participants will need to answer the questions at the locations given by
    the clues aided
    by their animals. Bonus questions answered ensure they get additional

    Winners are the ones that are able to construct the message from the
    anwers first-

    Participants need to pay $5 to participate and registration is on the

    Concurrent - for those not participating in the Treasure Hunt
    Interactive Quiz & Talk by AVA

    4.00pm Tabulation of Treasure Hunt Results

    4.30pm Announcement of Poem Winners

    4.45pm Best Friends Participants Contest
    Has your pet found a friend?
    People are encouraged to mingle and let their pets mingle with other pets
    as well
    Prizes goes to the friendliest pair of animals on stage
    No humping allowed

    5.15pm Scruffs Dog Show (Love them for who they are)
    Who has the most crooked teeth?
    Who has the smallest eyes?
    Who has the smelliest breath
    Who has the waggiest tail

    Registration at $1 on that day

    6.00pm Thank You & Good Bye

    Ongoing Programmes/Side Shows

    Adoption Fair
    Showcase of our local cats,dogs, rabbits for adoption

    A Poem for the Strays Contest
    At least 4 lines of prose
    $2 registration fee on that day
    Winners for best 3 entries based on a panel of judges
    Winning entries will be posted on ASD's website

    Save A Prayer For Me
    A fund raising program to make your wish for all the homeless, abandoned,
    abused animals out there
    $1 to make known your wish for the animals on our board

    The Trainer is In (11am - 5pm)
    Trainers by SKC will be on hand to provide free consult on behavioural
    Promotion of SKC's Pet Therapy Program. Your pet can improve other lives
    as well !

    Micro-chipping Service
    By Petcall

    Food For Thought
    Donation Bin for unopened, unexpired food for the strays

    Animal Welfare Groups
    Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)
    Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS)
    House Rabbits Society of Singapore (HRSS)
    Agri Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)
    Singapore Kennel Club (SKC)
    Animal Lovers League (ALL)

    Pet Edufun Centre
    Club Pets
    Royal Canin
    Lipton Tea
    Furbabies' Haven

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    hahaha... another pet event... looks like I'll pop by liiao.... some more in Bishan ^.^

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    I'll go there shoot CSers shooting dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    I'll go there shoot CSers shooting dogs
    Maybe I'll go there shoot espn shooting CSers shooting dogs...

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    hmm seems interesting who's there? i might be going to shoot.
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    can we wear like all red etc ..then we know who are CSers

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    Quote Originally Posted by AReality
    Maybe I'll go there shoot espn shooting CSers shooting dogs...
    Probably i'll try to be there to ....

    shoot AReality shooting espn who will be shooting CSers shooting dogs ...

    and i will be hiding so that there won't be any other ppl trying to shoot me.


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