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Thread: Red Bull 'gave clubber Chloe heart attack'

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    Arrow Red Bull 'gave clubber Chloe heart attack'

    Red Bull 'gave clubber Chloe heart attack'

    Crime Editor
    Published: 10 Jan 2009

    STUDENTíS fatal collapse in a nightclub may have been triggered by Red Bull, it was suspected last night.
    Tragic Chloe Leachís heart could have been stopped by an adverse reaction to the high-energy drink.

    The 21-year-old had QT Syndrome, a defect affecting the rhythm of the heartís electrical mechanisms.

    Doctors believe the condition, plus caffeine levels in the vodka and Red Bull she was drinking, could have caused cardiac arrest ó a possibility which is to be raised at her inquest on February 2.

    Chloe collapsed in the Sugar Mill Club in Hull and died at the cityís Royal Infirmary.
    At first her death was linked to a claim by guest DJ Danny Latimer, who overdosed at the club that night, that his drink was spiked.

    But Latimer and a pal have since been arrested.

    Red Bullís makers insisted it was safe to drink and contained the same caffeine as coffee.

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    Default Re: Red Bull 'gave clubber Chloe heart attack'

    sh*t !
    i just have the cheap one from thailand last sat before playing soccer...

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    Default Re: Red Bull 'gave clubber Chloe heart attack'

    but she did have an underlying condition. the issue right now is was the underlying condition the cause, and redbull the trigger?

    it's the same issue that occurred to Viagra users in the early years of the drug, especially those who had cases of coronary dysfunctions/diseases. not exactly cause and effect, but it was the trigger in many a heart attack case.
    chicken fight!

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    used to do that in Uk. have heaps of cheap beer outside the club before hand, and when in the club, drink nothings but volka red bull.

    It just keeps you going on till morning, and when the effect wears off, you immediately falls into complete exhaustion.

    but these days... a bit old for red bull. That drinks got nothing but caffeine concentrates and nothing else than sugar and calories.


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