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Thread: Best spots for fireworks

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    I was planning to attempt fireworks photography this coming CNY eve. Are there any recommended spots for good viewing? One year I was near the merlion and it was so crowded! Anyone can share of 'secret' good spots? Thanks

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    First of all before you post any thread, do make a point and check out the location of the firework, date and time.

    25 Jan 09: Countdown to Chinese New Year 2009
    When: 11.59pm
    Where: Eu Tong Sen Street, near Chinatown MRT Station

    31 Jan 09: Finale of Chingay Parade 2009

    When: About 9pm-9.30pm
    Where: At the Padang

    No fireworks for River Hong Bao 2009. Instead, expect 7000 firecrackers to go off each night.
    Since the location was availiable in the INTERNET. Next you have to do ur job lao ... go look and source for ur best location.

    Do note: "secert" good spots usually rare and sometime will not be disclose to anyone or it might be crowded too ..
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    Thanks for the tips Peter Pan. I still thought that River Hongbao would have fireworks on CNY eve! Thank you!!!

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    no worries, maybe can suggest you to walk around those HDB flats around the chinatown. Some of them got a very good view of the fireworks.


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