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    Hi Iím newbie here.
    Post up my work for criticism. Hope can learn something and improve my skill.

    Take this photo during outing at Toa Payoh block 28 (end block). I like the rusty feel and dilapidated door in the photo.

    Below is my setting:
    D90 with 18-105mm VR lens
    Exposure : 1/15
    Aperture : f/5
    Focal Length: 58
    ISO Speed : 200
    Exposure Bias: 0/6EV
    ISO: 200
    Saturation: High saturation
    Focus Mode: Manual

    Adjust color balance (blue 40, Green -40 and Red -20) using Nikon Capture NX 2.

    Is there anything I need to take noted? Composition, framing, exposure?

    C&C on any aspects of the picture are very welcome.
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    Supply a bigger image.

    There seems to be a conflict between what mainly interests you and which was captured as the main subject. Placing the lock squarely in the middle has propelled it into the limelight. The door is now just seen increasingly as decoration given how their condition differs-- new lock old door. Changing your shooting angle would also give a fresh look as opposed to our normal viewing angle, which is level. A frontlit exposure can be boring at times, try going back when the sun's at a different angle. Watch how the light affects texture, shape and shadows.

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    the lock is just too new, too modern for the latch. It probably serve its purpose well, but for photography, it does not work
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    when i was first looking at the pic, i was thinking.. "is the pic upside down?" coz usually door latches their handles face downwards. in this pic, the latch faces upwards. but then again i thought.. "if the pic is upside down, then the padlock is also upside down".. sorry.. forgive the rambling.. i just thought that the latch's handle was rather odd, facing upwards. i would have liked to see slightly more as i feel that the crop seems very tight. also, i don't really like the PP where a shadow is added under the frame of the pic. perhaps can look around to see some of the more pro works that are posted up here in CS. i think some of them have really nice frames.
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