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    Hi guys, anyone of you here in the food packaging industry? I need to know what exactly is the official name of the MOS burger wrapper(the foam ones mainly for their rice burgers) called. Can anyone advise? and if possible, know of any suppliers? Thanks loads!

    BTW, i already google-ed, yahoo-ed and yellow page-ed alrd, but still cannot find.

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    try asking skp outlets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragos View Post
    try asking skp outlets.
    most of them are in those outlets are shopkeepers only... not technical specialist.

    i think the best is to call them at their factory. 6545 2828

    else probably a better bet is go to tekkamall, highest level selling plastic bags and packing materials and also those party stuff... some of them quite knowledgeable.

    what i think should be foamed polystyrene or foamed polyethylene.
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    hi, erm thanks for the info! haha, but i doubt SKP will have la... anyway, yeah, i will go tekka mall to find out more.


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