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    strobist info: 580ex2 shoot through umbrella. white card reflectors at the side and front of watch.

    no PP except for watermark. sorry if some finds the watermark distracting..

    comments greatly appreciated..


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    yeah.. the watermark is indeed distracting..

    i personally would prefer the timepiece to be framed tighter.. right now i dunno whether to focus on the pouch (it's a pouch?).. the watch.. or the tag..

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    Umbrella is for portraits and fashion/lifestyle...

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    nice idea but i think the face of the watch could do with more exposure. right now, the red background is more distracting and diverts the attention from the watch.

    "Umbrella is for portraits and fashion/lifestyle..." i disagree that umbrella should only be used for portraits and fashion. as long as it serves the purpose to diffuse the light evenly it doesn't matter what you use it for.

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    can set the time to 10:10 when shooting time pieces.

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    thanks for the comments guys!

    re watermark, I'll think of a better way to protect my images without making a distraction

    re tighter framing, I'm a bit limited by my lens. I don't have a macro lens. I do get your points though.

    re 10:10 position - you're right, it would look better that way. I might need to think of a way to stop the time without opening the watch to remove the batteries. hahaha!

    again, thanks so much for the comments!

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    re umbrella for fashion shoots

    I will admit, I only have an umbrella setup but I don't think umbrellas are just for fashion shoots. I wanted a large diffused light source and the umbrella was good enough. Umbrella causes a lot of spill/wrap-around light, but I didn't bother since I was going for tight shots.

    Would you have thought I used an umbrella if I had not mentioned it?


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