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    interesting angle

    I like the shot ....
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    Very nice shot. Simple and effective composition.

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    wow.. this is very simple and nice...

    deego: why dun you try cropping away the very top lotus leaf to complete the picture... may work out better!

    Nice one!

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    well done.

    this is a very interesting shot, but somehow i feel the grain makes it feel weird.

    there's just something weird about it. i suspect it's the very very sharp outline of the leaves (or whatever you call that.. ) that make it look weird. it sorta... steals the picture away from the main subject, the "flower" (?).

    actually the picture really looks very sharp overall.. and doesn't bring out the "glow" effect that you really want to get... i believe that the glow effect should bring about a certain level of softness.

    keep shooting.

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    nice and lovely shot!

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    Nice touch to place the bright highlight at the base of the flower stalk. Enhances the shadow and brings the eye right to the subject.

    I agree with SniperD about cropping the top leaf out. Cleans up the composition and also brings the subject closer to the top left corner. A classic rule of thirds.

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    grain was actually added in post processing.
    pic taken with cpl (set to lowest contrast).
    thanks guys.


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