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Thread: Best place to buy Leica cameras?

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    Default Best place to buy Leica cameras?

    I hope this is the correct place to post this thread:

    I was just looking to get a Leica camera but noticed that the dealers listed on the Leica website are usually located in shopping centers and places that I tend to avoid.

    While I won't want to post the exact locations of the listed Leica dealers here, I don't feel assured getting a top of the line camera costing four figures from a shop located in these places. Has anyone bought from these shops before and are they reliable?

    Several stores, while located in "posh-er" malls, have branches in places that I'd rather not talk about.

    I was actually considering ordering my camera from the UK or Germany, or going overseas to purchase one, albeit paying more for shipping charges etc. If so, will the warranty still work out in Singapore?

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    Default Re: Best place to buy Leica cameras?

    If you think Cathay Photo is questionable, then I think you should consider learning more about purchasing photography in Singapore (assuming you are local).

    Do a search on this forum and you will realise which are the reputable stores.

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    Default Re: Best place to buy Leica cameras?

    So by your reply I would guess that Cathay Photo is reputable?

    I almost always buy my photography gear from overseas dealers in Europe and the US.

    The times that I've tried buying locally I found myself in dingy malls and have been quoted up to double of what the original RRP is.

    I just don't feel quite comfortable visiting some of these malls with their maze-like, dimly lit interiors and... massage stores.

    Are the stores are Centerpoint/Marina Square reliable? If so I might make a trip down and take a look.

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    Default Re: Best place to buy Leica cameras?

    since you are not comfortable buying from local stores, why don't just get the camera from your usual channel, at least you will sleep peacefully at night.
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    Default Re: Best place to buy Leica cameras?

    Cathay at Marina Square is a place you can go but the stock of the Leica items there are limited, I would suggest that you drop by their main outlet at Peninsula Plaza to have better choices. You can look for Kelvin Png who is a specialist with Leica products while you are at Cathay Peninsula.

    But it is always good to know the price ahead before visiting the shops just to make sure you are not overcharged.


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