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Thread: Looking for travellers : Taiwan Apr 2009 (Spring) Nature & Wildlife Photography trip

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    Default Looking for travellers : Taiwan Apr 2009 (Spring) Nature & Wildlife Photography trip

    Hi everyone!

    Looking for more people to join me for my nature/wildlife photography trip in Apr 2009 to Taiwan!
    3 of the greatest natural wonders will unfold in during April... the month of Earth Day! :up:
    My aim for organizing this trip is to share the greatest of Natural wonders with more people since this is one of the rare chances to see three large scale phenomena at one place and one time!

    4th Apr – 12th Apr 2009 ( 9D8N )
    ( if you are wondering, only need to take 4 days of leave. 10th Apr is Good Friday public holiday )

    Mode of Transport
    2 way flight from SG – TP – SG is currently: SIA $598 sale period ends on 12.01.2009
    In Taiwan, it will be a combination of public train and possibly local village drivers, driving us around to phtoograph.

    Looking For
    2 more traveling companions
    currently, 3 on board. including me.
    But if there are good response, i might up the pax to about 6-8 people. So that can hire a van driver. Quite cheap in taiwan to go by this way according to my friend, who has lived there for half a year.

    Estimated Budget for the trip per person
    Approx : $1400 - $1600 ( not confirmed )
    incl 2way Flights, Public transports, Vehicle rental and gas,
    Accommodations ( hostels and/or local village stays)
    possible hire of local guides

    Google Maps of the route we will be taking in Taiwan

    credit: BBC
    - Purple Milkweed Butterfly Migration (Linnei Township, Yulin County)
    Highway will be shut during the peak of migration so we have to get to the town before it shuts.
    Grey-faced Buzzard migration across here as well by the hundreds (to be confirmed)
    Taiwan’s endemic birds
    Suggested dates : 4th Apr (Sat )– 7th Apr (Tue)

    Interesting links: <--- video about taiwan's purple milkweed butterfly
    "They're coming out! They're coming out!" a spectator shouts as tens of thousands of butterflies emerge from behind a hill and flutter through the air. "You've got to see this to believe it--it's just like a purple river!" says an excited Chan Chia-lung, a researcher from the Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation.

    Other Butterflies you may see in Taiwan

    credit: Allen Hsu
    - Pink and White Cherry Blossoms (Alishan Township, Chiayi County)
    Pink and White Cherry Blossoms in full bloom
    Suggested dates : 7th Apr (Tue )– 9th Apr (Fri) Good Friday

    Interesting links:

    credit: dennis1sumitro
    - Grey-Faced Buzzard Migration (Liouguei Township, Kaohsiung County)
    More Grey-faced Buzzard migration as they migrate from south towards central
    See the LiouGuei Butterfly
    Half hour away is Shanping Forest Ecological Science Park (aka "Birdwatchers' Paradise")
    Suggested dates : 10th Apr (Fri ) Good Friday Holiday – 12th Apr (Sun)

    Interesting links:

    C.S.Ling ... -life-list
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    Default Re: Looking for travellers : Taiwan Apr 2009 (Spring) Nature & Wildlife Photography t

    hi! anyone up for the taiwan trip? feel free to email me at



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