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    Anyone with experience with Easyjet in Europe can share how they charge for luggage ?
    The usual flight (not domestic) is standard check in luggage 20kg, plus 1 hand carry of a certain size...

    how does easyjet works ? do they check in ur luggage ? and allow 1 hand carry ?

    they seems to charge base on the number of bags u have... if i have 2 huge backpacks(1 each for me and my wife), then 2 shoulder bags, will they charge my shoulder bags as well ?
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    I think it depends. When I moved to Milan from Manchester in 2004 (also Easyjet), my luggage obviously had exceeded the limit a lot, but the lady told me that it was alright since she knew I was moving from city to city and the people before me had light luggage (it is a short journey). They are able to check the payload on their monitor. For handcarry, they only allow one laptop and one casual bag at most, but if you have a big teddy bear for your dear ones for Christmas or a shopping bag after shopping at the airport stores, it is also okay. For the situation now, I have no idea how they charge for excess baggage. Last time was still sticking to weight.


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