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Thread: any pineapple tart recommendation?

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    Default any pineapple tart recommendation?

    hi all, the usual place i goto for pineapple tarts is so full of orders that i can't buy anymore. so i'm just wondering if you guys have any other recommendations for pineapple tarts? i like those which are not too sweet and have nice flaky pastry.


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    Sheng Siong does sell them. You can check it out at their supermarts.

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    Normally Taka Square will have a new year food fair around CNY season (somewhere around now or maybe in a week). A lot of different brands will exhibit their new year goodies and you can go around and they will give you sample. So you can try out the different brands and see which one you like. The brands there are all got standard wan... so may not be very cheap also... but sometimes they offer some kind of discount or package deal there.
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