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    hello everyone, i'm a newbie at photography and i would like to improve my skills. i took this picture during a trip to lyon, france, and they were having a fireworks display. i used a samsung s630 (noob i know but i'm getting better camera after my o's ) and without a tripod. personally i think it's nice and i like it a lot but i would like all of your thoughts on the picture. it is a bit shaky because i didn't use a tripod. thank you in advance for all your comments!

    picture taken at f/9.8, 3s

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    It is quite a nice capture, but a tripod would have helped you with the buildings. Maybe you can blame it on the smoke instead...

    Personally I'd do some cloning on the lights & shrubs at the bottom as they're a little distracting. Cheers

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    Aside from the obvious handshake blur, the bush at the bottom-left is also an eyesore, and you missed most of the "blossoms". You even cut some off at the top right. There are far better examples of fireworks photography in the events section here:


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