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Thread: what is 'better colour'

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    Default what is 'better colour'

    I admit it: i read too many reviews. Occasionally i see comments about a lens that talks about its 'colour reproduction'. Eg "the Tamron xx is sharp but the Canon xx gives better colour".

    So 2 questions

    - what does this mean
    - is this relevant is you use Photoshop adn tweak settings anyways?

    Thanks for your comments.

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    It is known as colour rendition. Some modern lenses are not totally clear. They have a tint of colour. The lens coating also plays a part in colour rendition.

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    It's very very very subjective and should be taken with a truckload of salt, unless you delve into the physics and optical design levels of the lens in question.

    But it's a great way to non-scientifiacally describe one's opinion of color rendition!

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    I think lens color is REALLY err.... over rated. I think the color is affected by the WB so much more. and if you actually do any PS, it will just overwhelm whatever minute color casts in your lens....


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