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Thread: Really Really Free Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiasi View Post
    Sorry to burst your utopian bubble of a rosy and air-conditioned place where it's all merry and bright.

    I know the place that this event is taking place, inside out like the back of my hand.

    That place is a run down 1920 shophouse right in the middle of the largest balangadeshi community in singapore, where no xmm or chiobu that you are merrily thinking you will meet will ever think of stepping in.

    There is no air-con and you will be placing all your stuff on the floor. Do you want to see how this place looks like? I will show you a actual photograph of the place where you will be spending 6 hours with no air con:

    Yes, the photo above is the actual place you will be in.

    And one more thing, don't be ridiculous...what booths are you referring to? You probably are painting a rosy dream location in your own mind.

    You will sit on the bare concrete floor and lay all your things there, bare, on the concrete floor and wait for people to come and take your stuff, IF you are lucky.

    Just like a karang guni man.

    By the way, I forgot to tell you...if by the end of 8pm, your junk is still not taken by anyone, you will be asked to take all the rubbish you brought with you, home.

    Yes, even the organiser are not interested in it too. If you insist to leave your junk there, they will throw it into the rubbish bin.

    Feel free to call organiser to verify what I have just said.

    To those who have a rosy picture of how it is going to turn out, sorry for awakening you to the harsh reality. Welcome to singapore.

    I have already mentioned and will not repeat,

    Quote Originally Posted by chngpe01 View Post
    I am quite tired of having to say this

    Enough of OT

    The TS is asking for support not for "Cold Water To Pour Onto it"

    Support, if you can support. If not forever hold your silence here, else I will have to make sure you do!
    However you seems to just ignore my last statement.

    I believe the TS have not promised air-con and the likes of it as you have suggest.

    If you read the #1 post the link in the face book would have brought you here and the images of that place and location are all shown. So what bubble busting ?

    Quote Originally Posted by tante View Post

    Post-Museum (107+109 Rowell Rd) is having Really Really Free market on Sunday 18Jan09 from 2pm-8pm.
    Seriously what is your issues? If you want to tell members here the reality then do it in your first post here rather than using vulgarity etc in that post. And only after various replies and a warning that you now posted this.

    AS I have mentioned keep your silence here in this thread, if you do not want to support cos no body is forcing any body to support. However you choose to ignore my advice and hence I will ensure that you keep your silence forever in this forum.
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