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Thread: One of its Kind - On The Wall Photo Bazaar

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    Default One of its Kind - On The Wall Photo Bazaar

    ON The Wall Photo Bazaar
    Meeting Old Friends & Making New Ones
    A Photo Community Gathering

    Date: 21st & 22nd Feb
    Time: 1pm to 9pm
    Address: 2902 Gallery 11b Mount Sophia, #B2-09

    In every gathering, there is transaction of information, trade news, gossips, knowledge, buy & sales... and ON The WAll started with such purpose for the photo community to meet one another.

    Addition to sales of fine art photography works, gadgets & items pertaining to photography, there are free public talks & discussion to assist personal growth, and as well as promoting the understanding of photography works.

    Look out for the Weekend talks & slideshow:
    1) On Pricing Your Photography Works
    2) What is Considered as "Archival Fine Art Printing"?
    3) How to Archive my works as a Fine Art Photographer
    4) On Collecting Photography Works
    4) Evening Presentation - slide show by various photographers

    Pls note for arts or photography students, the rental of wall space is 50% off the usual rate.
    The wall space is limited, and the selection is based on portfolio submitted to

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    Default Re: One of its Kind - On The Wall Photo Bazaar

    For those who have called us:
    1) Yes, there are still space available
    2) To be included in the publicity poster, the ultimate cut off date is 16 Jan, Friday 11pm
    3) Please send 2-3 images of your works or product, and short write up on yourself and your works. Limited to 100 words write up.

    In case of any doubt, please call 6339 8655 (office hour) or email

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    Default ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar: Programme Lineup

    In February's "Birthday" edition of OTW, look out for a new exhibition featuring more than 200 new works from 24 photographers (people from all walks of life), as well as archival-quality prints, bargain books & other accessories in the photographic flea market!


    21st FEB, Sat (1pm – 10pm)

    1-9pm : ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar

    * DIY Corner - Make Your Own Badges & Limited Edition Tote Bags! ^#
    Ongoing between 1–7pm...

    * Caffeine Boost Corner - Free flow of Tea & Coffee! ^
    Ongoing between 2-5pm...

    2pm : Practical Tips I - B&W Archival Inkjet Printing (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * Participants will get to make prints for free during the workshop, with complimentary paper samplers to be given away.
    * Registration (Name, Contact, Programme) via email is compulsory.
    * In the event of overwhelming response, latecomers' slots will be re-allocated to those on the waiting list (who turn up on time).

    3pm : Dialogue Session I - Dollars & Sense On Photography Works (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * A sharing session on the "gray area" of sticking a price tag to your photography work.
    * What is considered as reasonable & realistic pricing? What are the factors that will affect the value of your work? What is the importance of presentation on your works?

    5.30pm: Dialogue Session II - Being A Commercial Photographer (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * Are you thinking of making a career switch? Hear from fellow commercial photographers to find out what it takes to be a full-fledged commercial photographer (& how to stay in the job!)

    7-10pm : Birthday Celebration Begins!
    * Drink & Be Merry! Complimentary Drinks kindly sponsored by Martell VSOP ^
    * Slide Show Presentation of Documentary Works from China & Italy
    * Birthday Cake!

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    22nd FEB, Sun (1pm – 9pm)

    1-9pm : ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar

    * DIY Corner - Make Your Own Badges & Limited Edition Tote Bags! ^#
    Ongoing between 1–7pm...

    * Caffeine Boost Corner - Free flow of Tea & Coffee! ^
    Ongoing between 2-5pm...

    1pm : Practical Tips II - Digitising Your Negatives (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * How to create good digital files at home? What are important things to avoid? What are sufficient file sizes for the desired output?
    * Participants are encouraged to bring your own laptop, if possible

    2pm : Practical Tips III - Collecting Photography Works (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * What makes a photography work worthy for collection? What are the factors to consider in acquiring works? How to ensure that your collection retains its value?

    3.30pm : Dialogue Session III - Being A Photojournalist (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * Hear first hand accounts from Mathias Heng, a photojournalist who have spent much of his time documenting war, disaster, poverty, social issues & humanity.

    4pm : Practical Tips IV - Planning Your Own Photo Exhibition (1 hr) - limited to 30 pax
    * What consitute a body of work? How to avoid bursting the budget for exhibition? What kind of presentation format should be employed?

    5pm : Photo Scavenger Hunt! (2 hrs)
    * winner gets to win PRIZES!!!

    ^ while stocks last
    # materials cost apply

    Activities are free (unless otherwise stated) & held on first-come-first-serve, free-seating basis.
    Seats are limited 30 pax, so please be early (10 mins for registration) to avoid disappointment.

    Interested participants please kindly register your attendance with your ...
    * full name
    * contact number
    * programme interested (under "subject title")
    ... via

    Disclaimer: information is accurate at the point of posting
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    Default Hands-on workshops

    In addition...
    Cold Cameras will be conducting a series of workshops on “How to Maintain and Clean Your DSLR/SLR Cameras and Lenses” during OTW Photo Bazaar.
    For more information & registration, please refer to
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    Default Re: Hands-on workshops

    Quite a few photographers will be displaying & doing sale of their prints at the OTW Photo Bazaar. Do come & join us. I saw on the list are:

    1. Ervine Lim
    2. Jeff (myself, will be showcasing the pinhole works I did)
    3. Bob Lee (MyPapers Photojournalist)

    Do come & support us.

    The bazaar is from 1pm to 8pm for both Saturday & Sunday (21 & 22 Feb 09)
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    Default Online Registration Form

    Interested parties who wish to register for the activities above, please go to the following URL to fill in the online registration form...

    For those who intend to sign up for multiple programmes, please ensure that the timing of the activities doesn't clash with each other (cos some may be held simultaneously at different location).

    For those who have already signed up with us via email, there's no need to register again.

    As for those who wish to make any changes, please kindly inform the organiser via =)
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