Hi All,

I asked about Canon service charges and this is their reply, is this reasonable or there're other ways I can go about it? I only notice lots of dust on the mirror, glass, view finder etc which some turns up on the photo. I'm using 450D.

Sorry if I posted on wrong sub-forum..hope its correct:

The service charge (exclude Tax and Part) for the following items are:
1. EOS 450D = S$120.00
2. EF 50mmf1.4 USM = S$80.00
3. EF-S 55-250mmf3.5-5.6 = S$80.00
There is an additional express charge of $42.80 within 5 working hours and
$26.75 within 3 working days.

For general CMOS filter surface cleaning ONLY, you are advise on the
1. Service charges = S$20.00 (exclude Tax and parts)
2. Duration of service = about 2 hours
# Adviseable to avoid : lunch period = 11:00am ~ 2:00pm;
coming 1.5hour before operation close.