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Thread: prosumer cameras for newbies

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    Default prosumer cameras for newbies

    think i would most probably get whacked by asking this (cos there's tons of info i know..but am lazy to sort them out)....but i sstill wanna ask..which prosumer camera would u all recommend?? i'm thinking of olympus and fuji..dun mind other varieties too as i just want to learn and build up the interest..i wanna start from the basics and learn and then slowly advance to dslr but my funds are limited..prolly around $600 max?? thanks for all the help...

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    If you're lazy to do a search (and searching first is in the forum T&C), why should be not also be lazy?

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    ok dokie..sorry my bad..i shall be a bit more hardworking and look for the answers.. cheers..

    ps:any way to delete this thread..?? sorry..

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    Hi, maybe u might want to consider dslr, since the entry level models are about $1K. Otherwise u might end up buying it later again.

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    For your budget I would recommend you to get a second hand FZ50... full dslr handling with a fraction of the cost...


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