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Thread: Question on printing digital images

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    Default Question on printing digital images

    I plan to do a collage of photos I took on a trip and print it at 3R size ( standard photo size ? ) . The collage will be 3R size.

    Do i then just save the manipulated images as a jpeg file into a diskette and pass it to one of those shops which can do digital printing ?

    I have never done this before hence do not know what it involves.
    Things like where to get this done, how much will it potentially cost ( do not have many of these to print, perhaps 5-6 pieces ) etc

    Any help would be most appreciated, thnks

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    Yes you can send any JPEG image to the photo guys and they'll print it.

    For FDI (Fuji machines), 300dpi will be the max resolution, and you can save at JPEG 80% and still not notice artifacts (blur spots). There is no need to save as a 1200dpi file at 100% JPEG compression.

    If your monitor is well calibrated, you may not want to let the machine operators 'balance' your colours.

    I strongly prefer Fuji to Kodak, but that's my own preference.

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    Try 4R size prints instead. The shops I know of do 3Rs and 4Rs at the same price. And by the way, a 4R is 6 inches x 4 inches. Set that dimension and the resolution of 300dpi in photoshop and u are ready to go!

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    They will crop your photo!

    Your JPEG photos are in ratio 4:3
    They will cut off a little from the top & bottom, so that the ratio will be 3:2

    Alternatives are:
    1.) Crop the photos yourself.
    2.) Tell them U don't want it cropped. They will print it on 3R/4R, with a black border on the left and right side.

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    4R prints at $0.30 per print.

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    Thnks 4 the help , where are good places to send my prints ?

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